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  • Step-by-step guide to all the foundational bodyweight movements
  • Learn how to master training with your own bodyweight
  • How to the techniques needed to flow fluidly and dynamically
  • Get to explore bodyweight training in an effective, fun, and safe way


As a trainer Francheska’s ability to connect with you is nothing but a walk in the park. She has a very earthly presence about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. On top of her bad ass animal flow and kettlebell skills she’s a killer athlete that strives to be in top shape year round.
Michael C Vazquez Athlete
Francheska is a fierce upcoming trainer to lookout for... She has solid content and a fiery passion you can see by watching her move!
Venus Lau Movement Coach
Fran is a badass! Not only is she amazing in the gym, she’s an excellent trainer and teacher who is passionate about helping people reach their full potential.
Jay T. Maryniak Personal Trainer
Working side by side to Fran I can truly say she is one of the most genuine females I’ve ever met. She is just as beautiful as she is intelligent. About a year ago she started helping me perfect my animal flow and has continued to motivate me every day. For that, I am ever grateful to her.
Jena Mays Fitness Model
I had the pleasure of doing mobility training with Francheska. She made me work, helped me recover & feel fresh again. Her energy's amazing & you can feel her passion for her work. I highly recommend anyone from the recreational fitness practitioner to professional athletes take advantage of her training.
Rafael Lovato Jr Bellator Title Contender