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Movement Prep

Movement Prep: 1 round

Lateral Thoracic Glides x 20 reps

Starting in a tall neutral stance, hold your arms out to the side, squeeze your core and glutes as you glide your ribs laterally over your hips. Focus on trying to isolate your spine and keeping your ribs down.

Thoracic Extension and Flexion x 10 reps

Maintaining your tall neutral stance, squeeze your shoulder blades together and extend through your thoracic spine. Then press through your thoracic spine as your round out your mid-back and lengthen out your arms clasping your hands together. Repeat.

Thoracic Circles x 5 reps each direction

Trying to only move from the mid-back, press into your thoracic spine and you round your back, press into left side, then shift into extension of the mid-back creating a proud chest and pulling your shoulders back. Then shift to the right and repeat. Alternate directions halfway.

Monkey Swings x 10 reps

Starting in a tall neutral stance with a braced core, reach your hands overhead and swing them down toward the floor, hinging from the hips as you drop your head and torso. Try to relax your upper body and arms as you keep your legs, glutes, and core engaged. Using your legs, swing your arms back up and return to standing.

Cossack Squats x 20 reps

From a wider than hip distance stance, with a long spine and core tight, try to keep your toes pointed forward. Shift your weight into one hip as you drive your knee forward and out. Sit into your hip as you maintain a long spine and proud chest. Keep the opposite leg straight and rotate your toes up towards the ceiling. Come up to standing and alternate sides.

Primary Circuit

Primary Circuit: 4 rounds | 30-60 seconds rest between rounds

A1: Reverse Lunge to High Knee Drive, Alternating x 10 reps

Step back into a reverse lunge, keeping your shoulders stacked over your hips, and your hips over your knee. Explosively drive off the front leg, bringing your back knee up towards your chest as your press into a triple extension. Focus on squeezing your glutes at the top and keeping your core engaged.

A2: Plank Reaches, Alternating x 10 reps

From a push-up position, keep a long spine, tight core, and tight glutes as you press back into your heels. Keep your body from rotating as you reach one hand straight overhead, alternating sides. Focus on your breath to maintain a strong foundation.

A3: Twisting Shoulder Bridges, Alternating x 10 reps

Starting on your back, with your knees bent, bring your heels as close to your glutes as you can. Bridge your hips up to the ceiling squeezing your glutes and abs. Grab one ankle with the same side hand and reach the opposite hand up and across over your opposite shoulder, stacking your shoulders. Bring your hips back down after every rep and alternate sides.

Secondary Circuit

Secondary Circuit: 4 rounds | 30-60 seconds rest between rounds

B1: Skater Jumps x 10 reps

Starting in a single leg hinge position, keep a proud chest, tight core, and long spine as you jump laterally onto the opposite leg. Try to land softly without jarring your body. Keep soft knees throughout this movement and load your hip before you alternate sides.

B2: Crab Toe Taps, Alternating x 10-20 reps

From a crab position with a long spine, tight core, and proud chest, lift your opposite hand and foot being sure to keep your body from shifting. Slowly bring your foot and hand towards your midline as you tap them together. Alternate sides.

B3: Supermans with Isometric Hold (5 sec hold) x 10-20 reps

Laying flat on your belly, tuck your toes under, and squeeze your glutes. Lift your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together while reaching your arms overhead. Hold this position for a count of 5, then bring your chest back down to the floor and repeat.


Finisher: 6 rounds | Minimal Rest as needed

Loaded Beast - Squat Jump - Alternating Skater Jumps x 40 seconds

Start in loaded beast position with your knees and inch off the ground. Hop your feet up outside your hands and jump up into a squat jump. Then perform alternating skater jumps, squat down, then set your loaded best. Repeat.


Decompression Flow: 1 Round

Kneeling Spine Wave - Neck Rotations - Kneeling Mt. Climber Ext. to Flex. x 10 reps

Starting in a child’s pose, shift your weight forward as you wave through your spine. From your upward dog position, rotate your neck in a full circle and alternate directions. Shift into a kneeling mountain climber, flex and extend your spine. Come back to your child’s pose and alternate sides.

Seated Spinal Twist x 5 deep breaths each side

Starting from a seated position, with your legs straight in front of you, bend one knee and cross the ankle over the straight leg. Keep a long spine, tight core, and proud chest, grab your knee and twist your torso towards the bent knee. Alternate sides.

90-90 Stretch x 5 deep breaths each side

Starting in a shinbox position, open up your shinbox to that both knees are at 90 degrees. Try to keep both hips on the ground as much as you can, and focus on maintaining a tight core and long spine as your actively push your legs into the ground. Take 5 deep breaths before alternating sides.