Workout A Cover.png

Movement Prep

Movement Prep: 3 rounds | Minimal rest

A1: Overhead Circles x 20 reps

Starting in a tall neutral stance, reach your arms straight out overhead as you keep a tight core and ribs down. Imagine you are pressing down on a remote as you draw small circles with your arms. Switch directions halfway.

A2: Deep Ape Walkouts to Updog x 5 reps

Starting in a standing position, drive your knees forward as you descend into a deep squat. Keeping your core tight, place your hands on the floor and walk your hands all the way out until you reach a push-up position. Squeezing your glutes, drive your hips forward and lengthen through your spine as you pull your shoulders down and back. Walk your hands back to a deep squat, stand up, and repeat.

A3: Tai Chi Lunge x 20 reps

With both feet wider than hip distance, drive your hips back and sit into one hip as you keep the opposite leg extended. Twist your torso towards the bent leg as you switch your weight over onto the opposite hip. Try to keep a tight core and long spine throughout this movement.

Primary Circuit

Primary Circuit: 4 rounds | Minimal rest

B1: Sumo Squats x 10-12 reps

Starting with your feet wider than hip distance, turn your feet out at 45 degrees. Try to keep a tight core, and shoulders stacked over your hips as you press your knees back and descend into a sumo squat. Squeeze your glutes throughout this movement to help open up your hips.

B2: Crab to Table Top x 6-8 reps

Starting in a crab position, press your knees out and glutes back to engage your hamstrings and glutes. Keep a long spine and tight core as you press your hips into a tabletop position, squeezing your glutes and abs at the top. Try to keep your neck in line with your spine throughout this movement.

B3: Child’s Pose to Mountain Climber, Alternating x 10 reps

Starting in a child’s pose, shift your weight forward as your step one foot outside your palm. Lift your knee off the ground and engage your glutes. Focus on keeping a long spine and proud chest. Alternate sides.

Secondary Circuit

Secondary Circuit: 4 rounds | Minimal Rest

C1: Curtsy Lunges, Alternating x 20 reps

With feet shoulder width apart, step one foot diagonally behind the other. Keep a tight core and long spine and you descend as low as your can being sure to keep your shoulders stack over your hips. Come back to standing and switch sides.

C2: Drawing Circles Behind Back x 10 each direction

From your tall neutral stance, reach one arm out behind you as you keep your hips from rotating. Keep your arm straight as your draw small circles behind your back in one direction. Try to keep your shoulder from shrugging up by pulling it down and back. Reverse directions and alternate sides.

C3: Traveling Lateral Apes, Alternating Directions x 10 reps

Starting in a deep ape position, drive your knees out and keep a long spine. Frame one foot with your hands and hop over laterally. Come back to your deep ape position, being sure to keep your heels on the ground, arms straight, and chest proud as you transition. Alternate sides.


Finisher: 6 rounds | 20 seconds rest

Plank Burpee to Alt Leg Throughs x 40 seconds

From a standing position, place your hands outside your feet and hop back into a plank. Hop back to standing and jump up. Place your hands on the floor, and hop back into a quadruped position and kick through one leg, alternate sides keeping both hands on the ground. Hop back up to standing and repeat.


Decompression: 1 round

Kneeling Decompression Flow x 5 times each side

Child’s Pose Arm Rotations -Kneeling Spine Wave - Kneeling Mountain Climber - Twisting Kneeling Mountain Climber

Starting in a child’s pose, rotate your palms in and out as you keep your core tight. Shift your weight forward as you wave through your spine. Shift into a kneeling mountain climber, place your same side hand on your knee and twist your spine as you shift your weight laterally. Reverse the sequence and come back to your child’s pose before switching sides.